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By James
You will notice that is no longer ad free...

We are growing and so are the costs, so we need to plan and make changes so that we can adapt to that growth to make sure we' don't sink ourselves!

I think this is the only way to go for now, as I don't have great hopes for a donate button ;)

We appreciate your feedback, so let us know if you've any ideas or comments...


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By guedom
Hi James in my opinion i will remove the google ad in the URL root, it must be free, (if that is not possible i will change it position to the bottom).

In the forum (Sponsor) dosen't disturb in desing and can show better ads, and could generate more clicks.

Cheers ;)
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By michi
The ads are fairly nonintrusive, so I don't see this as big deal. You have to pay the bills somehow...

I doubt that the ads would result in any significant profit but, out of curiosity, what's the status of this site with respect to profit? Once the moderators are paid a fee for their services and there is money left over (fat chance, I suspect... ;) ), are there any plans to spend any remaining funds on a worthwhile djembe cause?


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By bubudi
mods are currently not paid! at the moment the view is to inject all funds into improving this site. it will probably be a while before there's any money left over. then we can look at other things...
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By the kid
I don't like the sponsorship.

There crap. If it was more djembe related i'd prefer it.

If i create a tread my title of the tread gets corrupted by the adds at the bottom. I'd rather the adds were seperate to what i actually write if you know what i mean<? Like have them outside the actuall post instead of the ads looking like there a part of the tread
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By the kid
I just checked a micro finance company on your adds

Then got to the grameen foundation who says there doing work in the third world. I checked in MAli and what there doing is creating a 'Progress out of the Poverty™ (PPI™) measurement tool for Mali'. That doesn't sound like such a beneficial 'tool' to me. Sounds like a couple of toubabs doin a survey
By bubudi
hi keanie
it's google ads. they kind of tailor the adds to whatever people search for on google or mention in their emails when they're logged into their accounts. search for more djembe related stuff and you'll get better ads! :lol:

don't worry mate, we'll be replacing those eventually with ads from direct sponsors.
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By bops
I don't mind the ads too much, but I agree with Keanie that they would be better placed in a sidebar rather than within the thread. If they bother you, try

Regarding the content of the ads, it really depends on who's advertising, right? I don't imagine too many jembe vendors have large enough budgets to be running google ads. But who knows, would be the ideal spot to run ads if they're savvy.
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By James
The Google ads are temporary, and are primarily to define ad spaces which we can then sell.

I never put Google ads on, even though I had them on other sites, because I didn't like the content of them...

The ads are pulled from available ads, and Google tries to the match the ad from the content of the page. You'll notice the same thing in your Gmail, if you use that.... Depending on the content of the mail you're reading, the ads will be as close as Google as advertisers....

Anyway... more interesting ads are to come, please bear with us, be patient, and keep telling us what you think!