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By renki
Hello evyryone!

I just order guinean lenkebody from Germany. Now i wondering where i can find good handbook or information djembes building. Can you help me? Please!

R: Renki
By bubudi
you can find some information from a dvd and some guides on the internet, but there is no substitute for hands-on knowledge and experience in drum making. i never stop learning about drum building even after years of doing it. my advice is to start by building a drum together with a good teacher who is very experienced at building drums. after you learn this, practice on some cheap djembes, then go back to your teacher and learn some more!
By renki

I understand that teacher is really important whith production and i have one friend who maybe can help and teach me whith djembe building. But still i think i need something in black in white. Becose i want read basic information before when i asking my friends tips.

Please if some no good guide of djembe building on internet, let me no.


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By Beerfola
I am by no means an accomplished drum builder. However I can tell you from experience that, depending on what your goal is, you can be pleasantly rewarded or deeply disappointed with your results. If you are looking to save money by building your own drum you may get lucky (or just be good) and end up with a good sounding drum at a discount. You might also become frustrated and actually spend more money than if you just purchased a drum that was already built by a professional. In the long run it is a good skill to have but proficiency has it's price also. I do it because I think it's fun. That being said here are some readily available resources to tap from the internet and DVD's. Once you start your project you will probably find one or two little tidbits of information missing from one or all of these that would help produce a better drum or make life easier. That's where having a skilled teacher comes in, providing you have one available. ( I am not endorsing or recommending any of these over another and this is not a complete list by any means. It's just what I have found in my own internet searches) ... ideos.html DVD also available

Good Luck
By renki
Thaks Beerfola advices and links. It's hard to found good manual for the djembe building and i dont wondering why. I think it is hand to hand knowledge...
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By michi
renki wrote:Thaks Beerfola advices and links. It's hard to found good manual for the djembe building and i dont wondering why. I think it is hand to hand knowledge...
I think I can help you out here:

Djembe Construction: A Comprehensive Guide

This book (eBook, actually) tells you everything you need to know to get the job done, from shell selection to tuning and maintenance. You will learn preparing (and repairing) a shell, reskinning a djembe, matching the skin with the shell, how to tie the various knots you need, and more.

The book includes over two hours of video that show you every stage of the process.

Unfortunately, it's available only on the iPad at the moment, at least until the other eBook platforms have caught up with Apple…


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By michi
Hmmm… I'm not so sure about the quality of that advice. The ring sizes are way too large, and bees wax has no business being on the beating edge.