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Hi there,

I'm quite new to the whole Djembe addiction, recently picked up a nice djembe used for a very reasonable price.
Not sure what wood it is and especially the skin is a mystery to me. I really love how the skin looks and feels.
It's a very easy to play djembe, albeit a bit small for me (12" head).

Can you help me ID the wood and tell me what the skin could be? Is it a goat? Feels very thick and greasy but in a nice way.

Sorry for the really potato pictures, i misplaced my USB reader and have to see how to read out the DSLR pics.
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Skin is goat and not sure about the drum. The base has a dimba/dugura look and the bowl looks like lenge. Hard to say from a photo sometimes. I'd say lenge though due to the bowl. Sometimes a smaller djembe is sweeter to play eso if you have small hands.Ca sound great anyways. Bigger bowls need to be skinned and tuned right i reckon to sound ok. More forgiveness in smaller djembes.
So after much discussion in a facebook group and further study I'm pretty sure it's iroko.

Compare the attached end grain picture of this drum with the samples from itto for iroko: ... V_ITTO.jpg

and lenke (afzelia africana): ... V_ITTO.jpg

The picture was made after cutting a clean slice off the foot of the djembe, not more then a few tenth of a mm were removed, it could be clearer but i think the resemblance is clear. The parenchyma/pores are more connected ("confluent") in the iroko while in the lenke they are typically more seperated.
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