Advice and questions on making and fixing instruments
By Leem
Hi guys, I have acquired a Dun Dun and a Kenkeni. The Kenkeni has a broken skin on one side, but the other side is decent enough. I want to reskin it, but I'm inexperienced. I've reskinned 2 djembes before and am comfortable with doing that, although I know I am a beginner, the last two I reskinned turned out very well, or as well as my standard! :)

I could do with a step by step guide to reskinning a Kenkeni. I don't know where to begin, all those ropes and the second parallel skin look daunting. Are there any guides out there for Kenkeni/Dun Dun reskining?? I''m willing to pay for a book or DVD or something. I don't have anybody to help me at the moment. And would love to try it myself for the challenge.

Thank you very much,