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By djembefeeling
I've hardly seen unshaved djembes yet. Once in a worksho with Famoudou, yes. They used it as a bass djembe. Typically unshaved are bougarabous. I like their sound for the darker shades. Thought about using one of those? Otherwise, calf skined djembes can be really high pitch. I think a mighty djembe would be good, or a bougarabou. Thick goat should be fine.
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By the kid
Nah, Calf skin is the way to go if you want a bass djembe. Your taking a chance with goat even thick goat imo. Like a goat might work but it might not. I find goat more boomy but not so audible in ensemble compared to a bass cow djembe. I

Cow has more energy and volume and richness to me than goat. It sounds nicer. You get more sounds on a cow too. Is it because of the difference in structure and composition of cow compared to goat, yes probably. To me, cow suits bass more than goat. Cow is probably more elastic than goat, and I'd say more uniformly thick too. You can get a cow pretty tight while still haven plenty bass.

Check out the show your axe thread and theres a few nice bass djembes with cow skin. The sown on technique looks wicked too, much nicer than rings. Fact is a bass drum is for life. Might as well pimp it up, but ultimately you want nice bassy slaps tones and bass.