Advice and questions on making and fixing instruments
Hi everyone,

So I just re-headed a djembe and the cheap rope I used broke under tension before the dry pull was complete. Can I re-lace all the verticals with good rope and go again without removing the skin from the rings and re-soaking?

If you have trimmed off the skin above the crown ring (no flap), you should be able to just re-lace the drum with new verticals leaving the old head in place. If you have pulled over a skin flap, I would probably just wrap wet towels around the skin flap until it is soft enough to fold up (keep moisture away from the bearing edge) and then trim off the flap. (You will probably not get the flap back down after re-doing the verticals without it looking really messy.)

Overall, the idea is to disturb the existing skin as little as possibly. Do no separate the crown ring and the flesh ring. When you tension up the verticals, go really really easy, and apply very little extra tension over multiple rounds, otherwise you'll end up with with a lopsided head.