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By korman
michi wrote:"Djun Djun" my arse :(
I'm about to start screaming…
Michi, I know Toca is calling the drums incorrectly, but in this instance I was interested if anyone has had direct experience with their sonic qualities:)

The reason is I was offered this drum for 120eur which is cheaper than a comparable size wooden sangban, but I'm just wondering is it even worth visiting the seller (he's in another town) and having a look at it.
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By michi
Sorry, can't help, I haven't heard this particular drum.

Dunun are a lot less fussy about the wood and craftsmanship. You can get decent sound out of PVC pipes, even. If the skin is not too thin, there is every chance that it'll sound OK. Whether it sounds really good is something you'd have to try out in person.


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By korman
Aand two years later it was still lying there, discounted, unwanted, untuned ... I bought it, brought it home and tuned it up. Not bad at all! Not brilliant either, of course. Being basically a pvc pipe, it’s a bit ringy. But I wanted a lightweight sangban for playing with a strap and now I’ve got it:)