Advice and questions on making and fixing instruments
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By drtom
Good thread guys. Some great points by all including a couple of the pros.

I'll just add one thing. It makes all the difference when the rings are perfectly sized. This is true whether the shell is oval or perfectly round.

When the rings are oversized, even a little, you run the risk that the flesh ring will slip from under the crown. Even if it only partly slips through, it then becomes much more likely that the skin will slip because of the poor contact.

This can't happen with rings that hug the shell, because the flesh ring has no room to squeeze through.

Guess I should at least touch on the original point.

99% of the djembes I skin belong to other people and most of them are out of round. Some look like freaks of nature. I do believe at least a few are carved that way, either deliberately or from lack of skill (many people can't draw a circle).

You know what? They all sound great!