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By Kajaker
I'm making a skin on frame boat. Do you think lime would take away the water proofing properties or strength of a skin...?
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By boromir76
Hard to say. The skin on djembe is in principles always kept away as possible from any sorces of water and moist, no matter what method used for dehairing. In my experimental days, I have tried mounting chemically treated (european) goat skins on djembes. However I don't know if this skins were treated with lime or with some other solutions... Nonetheless, this skins were not as nearly as strong and nice sounding as chemically untreated european goat skins. When soaked, they became spongy and without any fat, smell.. As they dried, they felt like some sort of very thick but realtively strong paper or papirus. One thing that was noticeably different from nonchemically procesed skins was also the fact that they needed very litlle time to soften when being soked in the water. My guess would be that chemichall processes took away all the fats, which functions as some kind of watter sealant.
By bighammer
I have finally skinned my djembe, but I'm finding it tough to get rid of the stubble. I buzzed the hair short before soaking and mounting. It's dried out for about a week and I've pulled it tighter. I took a disposable razor and removed the guard and heated the handle over a flame and set it on its back to straighten the handle. Worked well for a short bit around the edge, but now it's not doing anything; just dull already? Might need a few of them. Probably better to shave wet.
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