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By shortypalmer
hi toubab, i just watched your video and it is very similar to what i use, the differences being my attachment point to the lever is adjustable to allow for different tension that you pull and it makes a huge difference. would be very easy for you to do that, my other suggestion is to get two more of the cl 258 or 259 and use those to hold the ropes instead of the pliers, doing that really protects the ropes and does not require you to mess with getting up under the cuff. what you have is great and and it works wells now.
By toubab
Hi Shorty,

Thanks for your fantastic contribution on this topic, I learnt a lot from it!

I allready have 2 extra cl 258 to experiment with a "holding cleat", and I also want to make different holes in the lever with another cleat underneath it, so I can adjust the length and position of the pulling rope.

One more thing I want to improve are the new cleats. They sometimes leave little fuzzy marks on the rope. I am going to sand it a little to smoothen the teeth. Or should I work on the way I pull off the cleat after the pull?

By shortypalmer
i dont seem to have an issue with leaving little fuzzys, i am thinking it might be the rope, a touch of sanding on the cleat might work, over time, the cleats smooth out on their own and actually wear out. on the flat cleats i sometimes will tap them to close them a touch, that lasts some but i have had the cleat just break after that. weakens the bend on the cleat itself and the whole faces comes off. as for taking the cleat off the rope, i pull down from the top, maybe try pulling up from the bottom, not sure, worth a try.
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By michi
shortypalmer wrote: ... VF0D0tqjO0
this is me using my pulling table. I actually headed 8 drums in one day recently in floyd va. at a music festival, two were full ropes, the rest were reheads. some were small but it worked well.
I've just re-headed two drums using a CL258 and CL259. No more locking pliers!

This really works a treat, thanks for the tip Shorty!


By sebaT

it is time for Croatia to get it`s first pulling stand, but.... before that i need some advice, some thing ain`t so clear to me :D

Is it necessary to have something on the table that you put your djembe on (goes inside the foot of the drum)?? Like in Michis photo? Or should the two bars, that the drum leans on when you pull, be enough to hold it? (i hope i made myself clear :) )

And... how do you attach the pulling rope to the foot pedal?

My idea is that it should go parallel with the side of the drum (through the table if necessary) and you just fix it on the foot pedal, in any way that will make it secure on the pedal.... i very much like the idea with the clamcleats :)

for example, could it be enough that you put a hole in the pedal, the thickness of the rope, pull the rope through and tie a knot on the other side?? (theoretically)

Thank ya
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By michi
Not necessary to have a post that goes inside the foot. The two bars work just as well (for a stationary stand that doesn't need to be transportable). In fact, the two bars are somewhat better, because they don't put strain onto the inside of the drum.

For the rope, just tie a knot, or bolt an eyelet to the foot lever and tie the rope to that.


By shortypalmer
on my table i nothing that goes in the center but an adjustable stop that goes behind the foot fo the drum to keep it from kicking back out. i do not use the standing pipes in front of the drum, i find that if you keep the pulling tension going straight down it does not have a tendency to want to pull forward. in some case i do use a strap when i am pulling cowhide, it just fits around the back of the table and loops up over the top of of the drum and it will hold the drum from pulling forward.
By fiene_bee
Hi Bubudi,

Thanks for your tips & trics. Between the previous post and now, I constructed a pulling stand with a foot lever. And I discovered the importance about pulling towards the foot of the drum ;)


bubudi wrote:hi fiene

it looks like you are pulling two verticals at once by tying a short length of rope to both, which then attaches to the device. it seems that instead of pulling towards the foot of the drum, the force is outwards. if my observation is correct, the disadvantage i can see with this is that you are putting outward pressure on the rings which can widen them and contribute to slippage.

to add a foot lever to your device would not require much modification. use sturdier pulleys towards the back and mount them right near the edge. have a short length of rod or metal tube with a somewhat upward-angled bit welded to it as a foot lever. attach this to either side of the main unit with springs. the foot lever/pulley does the pulling that you otherwise have to do by hand and the spring returns the lever to the original position after you remove your foot. there are many other ways to achieve the same thing and i'm sure you'll find a solution that suits you.

i would also recommend getting a device called 'clam cleat' which is available at most mountain climbing and boating supply shops. it is designed to grip a rope until you release it, preventing the need to make knots and undo them again every time you pull a pair of verticals. clam cleats are inexpensive.
By bubudi
glad it helped! i'd like to see the new stand if you wouldn't mind posting a pic.
By fiene_bee
Hi Bubudi,

Here you have some pictures of the stand. It's constructed for 80% with recup material.
[attachment=2]DSC04420.JPG[/attachment] pictures of the stand.

To strengthen the pulley and prevent it from bending (another optimalisation that prevents pulling power going to bending the pulley instead of pulling the vertical), I attached the pull ring this way:

Also using cleats were a major improvement.

I live in an appartement and do not play in house, but I could not stop myself from recording hitting the drum a few times after the dry pull ;). Here you have the audio file:

This would never have been possible for me without a pulling device. And it is thanks to the valuable contributions of the die hard forum guys that I ended up with my own pulling stand ;)


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By Marshall
pulling stand.jpg
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I know it's a three year old thread but hey, here's one more pic for inspiration. It doesn't have to be a big construction project to build your pulling stand: Here's my slap dash pulling stand! I converted an outdoor work table that I already had in the yard.

I couldn't take it anymore with the pulling bar. Also, having the drum upright right in front of me makes it easier to see everything and watch what's going on as I apply pressure. Love it!