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I don’t know if you seen my advice to change the white rope. Maybe you did and reckon it is fine and it might be, but that rope looks like low quality rope. Easy to break it when pulling ropes. Just saves you hassle in the long run to change it before next stage!
I can understand wanting to know it's origins, I feel that way too.

From what I've seen, it does seem consistent with coming from Burkina Faso. I've seen similar carvings on djembes from there, and not ones coming from the other countries that make them. But that isn't definitive, obviously. Carvers and methods move around, but since that's what they told you, it seems likely to me.

The rubber foot looks good, and smart to drill holes and use screws rather than nails, I hadn't though of that. Splitting is what scared me from the rubber foot idea.

I second the Kid's suggestion about the flecked white rope on cheaper drums - replace if possible. Obviously if you can't afford to, c'est la vie.

One idea is if you don't want to be bothered with replacing the ring rope (the rope attached to the rings) it might be possible to toughen the surface of where it rubs against the vertical/pulling rope. If you lightly coat it with some kind of varnish/shellac/lacquer (test first on a sample of rope, like perhaps coat the end of the rope to make "feeding" easier, say about 1/4" or so) it should be possible to make it harder, so that the vertical rope rubbing on it won't abrade it. That way you can just replace the verticals.

The other problem with cheap rope is stretching, which much more of a problem on the verticals. Even rope that's been stretched before can contract a bit, and need extra pulling to get it tight, vs low-stretch rope, at least Nylon does, I don't know what that stuff is made of.
Yeah, It was my plan all along to replace the ring rope.
Although it is 2 core poly just old and beaten.
I went for a double flat looping on it and after mounting a med goat and doing a twist it sounds sweet!
Ive also been through my whole collection and fitted rubber tyre or seals where I could. All my drums get use by youth groups so I figured it a good move. No more floor scratchyz!
Paddys day axe!
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13.4kg mystery shell
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