Advice and questions on making and fixing instruments
By wyshout
Creating some drum shells using chainsaw and lathe. It will take some time for the shells to season so will share some photos of recent progress.
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I layed out a 24" section of white birch with a 14"circle on top, and a 10" circle on bottom.

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Shows the outside shape created as well as a 6" tenon to hold drum by in 4 jaw chuck. I thought it best to hollow the bottom first, then hold by bottom while hollowing the top.
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The bottom half hollowed, preparing to reverse and hollow the top.
By wyshout
Hollowing of the top in progress. A "jamb chuck" screwed to the bottom-held in a 4-jaw chuck
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Rough out completed, preparing for the drying process.
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A close up of the 5/16" High Speed steel bit ground to maximize the removal of wood by slicing-not scraping. Cutter is held in a supported 1-1/8" heavy steel bar.
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All C&C welcome.
By wyshout
drtom, I'm a maker/fabricator of many things in wood and metal by commission and some craft items I continually produce. My shop is way more capable than I am and I never know what direction I will take next. So far I can scratch out a living but drum making is just a rest stop along the way.