Just for giggles
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By drtom
I live just a stroll away from Seacliff State Beach in California, which is just a stroll away from Rio Del Mar Beach (also in California :shock: ). Both of these beaches are "dog friendly", meaning that dogs are allowed on the beach itself. Not surprisingly, many people walk the pathway along Seacliff beach that connects to the narrow sidewalk along and beyond Rio Del Mar beach.

The stage is set.

Yesterday morning I was walking back along Rio's sidewalk towards Seacliff, and there was a gentleman pushing a stroller and with a small Terrier in tow. A very common sight here - someone pushing a stroller with the family dog in tow.

Suddenly, the dog slammed on the brakes. Also a common sight - the dog caught a scent he refused to let pass by. The gentleman did not try to force the dog onward but also gave him no slack.

So here was this dog defiantly leaning back as his head threatened to snap out its socket. The gentleman watched him (still giving no slack) as the dog shuffled his rear feet towards the wall to his left, pivoting on his front feet. Clearly, his goal was the wall to his left as his neck remained if full tension.

Once within range the dog cocked his left rear leg - and took a dump!

This dog stood with his leg cocked as if to mark his territory, as his neck craned against the leash and took a dump!

I don't believe that's a common sight anywhere.