Just for giggles
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By Bingi_chile
...GunDun/GoDo/PaTa has become part of your daily right/left consciousness.

Your spouse looks at you weird when you tell her that you're certain that you left your car keys on the GunGoPa side of the room.
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By rachelnguyen
-You get excited when new callouses start forming on your hands.
-You have forgotten where you put your wedding ring.
-The gorgeous jade bracelet you got in Vietnam is sitting on your dresser.
-You hear rhythms in your head. All. Day. Long.
-You dream about drumming.
By johnc
people look at your hands and perhaps think you marrige is on the rocks cos your not wearing your ring any more

(Mine is a particulaly big chunky Tibetan torquoise piece so its quite noticable that its absent)
By silviuj
youre a djembe player when you do play and you play out of pleasure not forcing yourself just because of the people's eyes and you have the rhythm in you soul
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By Nodrog
Ok, sorry to re-post here but I just noticed a name,"djabaflora" or something like that just appear under my name. What's that about then? Just curious.

By bubudi
it's djabarafola or one who plays the djabara...your rank based on number of posts.

jabaflora = candida growing in jabba the hut's gut :D