Just for giggles
By aghis
This is a really funny story. Once i went to Ghana and wanted to go to Mole park to see lions. Well, there are no lions in Mole park, not even elephants, just small monkeys with strange communities.
I was so bored with the no lion stuff, and i didnt even have ganja with me because i was afraid. Last time i carried ganja with the trotro there were some cops start hitting the trotro and i thought it was for me, i got paranoid , almost shit my pants. But it was not, they were just trying to tell us to get out of the way for the president to pass. Anyway, after drinking a lot of beers sitting near the pull with some other tourists , i was starting getting nervous, wondering where is that man with the ganja. Suddenly i saw a man coming, africans are very intuitive, he came to me, not to anybody else. He started telling my about cocaine smuggling, using some special masks he made. I was so glad i found him, this was my opportunity to get rich. Guess what, he also had a nice amount of ganja, so we started smoking with the pipe near the tourists, o God they were watching us like we were Lions. When we smoked all the ganja, he told me to go to a secret place so we discuss for business. We started walking through some dark valleys in mole park (no lions there-safe), he told me to be carefull about snakes but i was sure that snakes like me, because last time i met a cobra i just watched her and she left , so beautiful animals . Well, we reached a strange place where he got some more ganja. There was a cop there, i was so afraid. So this strange man told the cop to come near while smoking ganja, told him to stand still and kicked him in the balls. Oh god i was shocked. After this the cop left, and we continued smoking and drinking
discussing about the potential smuggling. The price was so good, the method was not so good, i was sure that he was not a cop, or not? Hmmmmm. Was I? We arranged to meet next day in Tamale
to do that, we went back to Mole park. That day i saw a very strange dream that i was going to go in jail. Next morning i was so paranoid, i got in the bus and travelled for 4 hours to tamale praying i dont see him again, i was sure that he was a cop. When i reached the station he was there. There were some 4-5 cops with him, just watching from distance. That was the funny part, rest is for another blog.