Just for giggles
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By Michel
I'm afraid some will react that 'rhythm and music have no boundaries'.... So true. But I agree that this is a great movie for the humour section. I think the men could wear something sexier than the dresses!?
By davidognomo
hey, Michel.

That's the exact reason I wrote "no words for this". The video and the section where I put it speak for themselves. Although I would have a lot of comments on this. But I guess that here it's not a question of creative freedom, it's a matter of taste. Bad one, in this case. And there is also the question of cultural misleading, for those who are watching the show and don't know the references that are being put on stage.

And the tigress outfits...
By Paul
The men should be oiled up and waxed in tarzan outfits... maybe a bit of pole dancing too...
Has anyone noticed the sexualisation of dance more in Africa.. I went to a jokoh dance contest in Gambia years back which could best be referred to as soft porn, the girl who won 'accidently' let her skimpy top fall off..