Just for giggles
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By gr3vans
Awesome. I love (read: HATE) explaining that 'This is not a drum circle' concept.
*calming breath*
The other day this hippie rolls up to one of my teachers who had just finished playing in a dunnunba type setting and was like 'hey bro, can I use your drum? It looks dope.' My teacher didn't quite understand and looked at me. I simply said to the guy that if he plays THAT djembe he would suffer serious damage to his hands and could possibly fall ill. He replies 'I can whip my hands super fast. I'm really good.' I then ask if I can see his hands, look for signs of experience and say 'no, it's just not a good idea' then asked Manimou to turn over his hand... he has particularly gnarly hands :) The kids expression was priceless.

The whole experience was quite humorous yet shows how in our cultures here in the US (or west in general) there is a serious lack of tradition and respect for those who worked hard to preserve this music.
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By e2c
Paul wrote:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nk5XdLZG ... r_embedded

This is great, I turned up a session before with a djembe... they weren't happy!
Paul, is this your vid? the text is hilarious - and too true, I fear. ;)


gr3vans - I fear the vid is an example of bodhran players' humor. ;) (More seriously, a lot of people who play "melody" instruments at sessions are not happy when newbies show up with bodhrans, even when they turn out to be pretty accomplished players.)
By mgmcgahon
Paul, as someone who used to play sessions as well as gigging, I always found there was an old hand with a super ego who would control the session but we all have to start somewhere. Having said that a bad fiddle, box, whistle player can just be as bad as a beginner on bodhran. In the video I think they won't let him play because of his colour, remember it is Ireland......
By Paul
mgmcgahon wrote:we all have to start somewhere
Parents garage, drum class.... Generally people dont turn up at any session with a fifty euro guitar out of tune and with two missing strings, they do with a bodhran or a djembe :)
mgmcgahon wrote:In the video I think they won't let him play because of his colour, remember it is Ireland......
seriously???? The video is from the US and its a girl..
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By e2c
It's cartoon bears, not people! Looks like they're supposed to be East Asian! (Check the setting...)

If you check the site where she made the vid, you'll see other options for characters and setting, but honestly, I think her vid has *nothing* to do with color and everything to do with "I'm new to this session and new to bodhran."