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By Marc_M
For those who are having holidays at this time of year "Happy Holidays! ! !"

If find yourself exchanging gifts and don't know what to give or don't know what to ask for here are a few suggestions.


A few items from DrumBum.com

How about a djembe umbrella rack?!?!

"Item #MSC-150
Djembe Umbrella Holder - Organize your umbrella collection with this cool Djembe Umbrella Holder! It is an unique djembe shaped container that will hold your favorite umbrellas, canes, or just look good as a decoration. Makes a perfect gift for your favorite hand percussionist or drums enthusiasts home! Handmade from wood. Approx. 19.5" H x 11" W (at top & bottom).

Available from

Received a coffee table book, but don't have a coffee table? Voila ! ! !


"Item #MSC-180
African Drum Table - Beautifully crafted, this exquisite African Drum Table will masterfully accentuate any room! Skillfully constructed in Kenya with an authentic natural skin drum head. Though not designed to be played, this drum table is fully functional as a drum. An elegant piece of furniture that will definitely be the center of conversation! The actual color of the animal skin may vary. Approx. 28" W x 20" H. Due to its size, there is an extra $20 shipping charge applied to this item."


Available as mug, t-shirt or mouse pad ! ! !
"...a jungle filled with animals jammin' together with their favorite percussion instruments! ..."


Let you neighbors in on your hobby (as if they didn't already know ! ! !)
"Item #SI-13
Neon Djembe Sign - Illuminate any room with this awesome, brilliant Neon Djembe Sign! The high-quality, traditional neon sign is very bright and vibrant and is built on a plexi back panel. The dazzling, three colored design features a large Djembe drum. It makes a great gift for the studio, bedroom, music room, or anywhere else in the home or office."


Other gift ideas

Go virtual ! ! !


"...ONYX has released DjembePad 1.0, their realistic digital drum simulator and practice pad exclusively for iPad. Goatskin is replaced by a high-resolution IPS display, and the ancient and modern worlds meet. Loudness and tone are user controlled, and sounds include: slap, tone, bass, woodblock, and cowbell. An optional metronome helps aspiring percussionists master the rhythms of West Africa....

...Traditional djembe drums tend to be large and cumbersome, and cost upwards of $100. They're not ideal for taking to a party or a friend's house for a jam session, and they might not make the amateur drummer very popular with their neighbors. Bringing the primal energies of tribal drums to the digital world, DjembePad offers a realistic sound and feel, but the iPad weighs just 1.5 pounds and is 0.5 inch thin. One can practice anywhere, anytime, at any volume or with headphones. The app produces a rich natural sound with subtle variation, which the iPad's internal speaker cannot accurately reproduce. For the power and punch of a real drum external speakers or headphones are recommended..."
http://helpmeunlock.net/learn-and-play- ... n-289.html

"Drumming and drum circles are great fun," commented developer Eugene Klein. "Now with Djembe Pad anyone with an iPad can experience the magic."

How about a T-shirt?
Blue Boots T-shirt

Just one of many from

No need to thank me - just spreading the consumerism joy of the holidays :cmon:
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By e2c
Marc, how did you miss this one?


From the site:

"Tired of skin irritation when drumming? Then get some Anti-Monkey Butt Powder! This incredible sweat absorber is ideal for any butt busting activities where legs rubbing together can cause the situation whimsically referred to as "Monkey Butt" which can occur during heaving drumming sessions. Apply the powder inside underwear, footwear, armpits and any other areas prone to chafing. It makes a great gag gift (which is also very practical) for any drummer! You can also use your Anti Monkey Butt Powder for any other activities such as truck driving, motorcycling, bicycling, horse back riding, and sports. Indoors or outdoors, work or play, or on occasions when you sit on your butt all day, don't let your buns get red, use Anti Monkey Butt Powder instead!"


and this!