Just for giggles
i'm sitting on the sofa drinking kawa [1] and having a djole good time. i get a top up to make my cup fula. no sunu had i done that and the neighbour starts yelling across in chinese to the other neighbour from the nearby window. her voice is grating and i can smell her sigi [2]. it's so annoying i could kassa [3] for it. in fact, it's starting to make me go kuku, but i decide to tell her politely instead! soli, she says in her chinese accent. now i need something to munch with my kawa, but i'm out of bread and bada, so i help myself from the cookie djaa. the cookie has an interesting green kala due to containing pistachios. the telefon rings, and it's my friend juan. 'komo estas?', i ask him, only to find out that repetition is cancelled, to my great soro. one of the other guys was sick and juan's hands hurt so much he was having trouble getting the soko-ver his foot. i tell him to abandon the shoes and wear flip flops instead. i put on the television and am annoyed at how much media attention oprah is getting. i will not bao down to any celebrity. could the news be any dalah?! it just went from dumb to damba!

[1] arabic name for coffee
[2] ciggie, australian abbreviation for cigarette
[3] cuss her
rachelnguyen wrote:So tonight I am going to dansa but first I have to mendiani my party dress. On the way to the party we stop at the beach and take a walk on the sandia.
You forgot to mention the visit to the modern disco later that night, and all the Fanta you drank while you were there.

Michi ;)


Mi amigo Mane esta muy loco y tiene una motocicleta kawa muy rápida pero mucho menos potente que un toro por supuesto :) yo prefiero estar en casa antes que con las motos, meditando como un yogui tomándome una refrescante sandía en verano.

Mane = an abrevation of the name Manuel
Kawa = a trademark of motorbikes
Toro = Bull
Casa = Kassa (equal pronunciation)
Sandía = Watermelon
Yogui = Yogi
michi wrote:
bubudi wrote:you mean there's an actual rhythm called fanta? :lol:
It's on Sibo's "Kéyim Ba" CD :)
ah yes but that's a woman's name (i believe it means 'beautiful day' in malinke). the song is named after sibo's mother, but if i remember correctly, the rhythm is actually moribayasa. i don't think i've heard any other west african names that sound like commercial beverages. have you? :)
e2c, weather is getting hot here, i might have to get a bottle wonde just to try it out! although even as a child i found that stuff too sickly sweet to drink. i might have to have something savoury with it, like makrou-ni and cheese, or maybe bolon-aise!
bubudi wrote: i might have to have something savoury with it, like makrou-ni and cheese, or maybe bolon-aise!
Bubudi - I would go with the makrou-ni and cheese - at least you won't have any meat you need to... ...wait for it... ...DIBON ! ! ! :rofl: :doh: