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By dleufer
I've seen a few of these Senegalese made "Burkina djembes" around. They all have these massive bulbous stems which look ridiculous. This is definitely the stupidest looking one I've seen however:

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By Djembe-nerd
Here is a new concept "Tribal Goblet Djemboo" Sold on Amazon

The Djemboo is a new design concept that involves blending the shell design of a traditional African djembe with the shell design of a bougaraboo, resulting in what we refer to as a "Djemboo." The drum is shaped like a goblet, and its symmetry allows for unobstructed airflow for smoother rim tones. A must have for the drum collector and player alike!!!

ALl this for only $129
img 1.jpg
img 1.jpg (36.56 KiB) Viewed 2023 times
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By michi
Djembe-nerd wrote:Here is a new concept "Tribal Goblet Djemboo" Sold on Amazon
From the blurb on Amazon:
  • Hand-Carved From Legally Harvested, Sustainably Farmed Mahogany Wood
  • Extra-Thick, Deep Carving For Maximum Wood Density
  • Strong, Durable, Low-Stretch Internally-Braided Alpine Nylon HTB 5MM Rope

Being made of Mahogany, sound is guaranteed to be average. And nylon is a poor choice for rope material because it disintegrates with exposure to sunlight.

I also would like learn how the extra-thick, deep carving results in maximum wood density. Sounds like an entirely new and revolutionary concept in woodworking...

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By bubudi
as far as resonance goes, yes, the less dense woods need to be carved thicker to have the right sound. the bumu (matchwood) drums in guinea are carved this way. most indo djembes are not carved thick at all, so i guess it's revolutionary for these guys ;)
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By michi
rachelnguyen wrote:That one resulted in coffee out my nose, dleufer.
Did you scald yourself? If so, it might be the opportunity of a lifetime: you could sue djembefola.com for a million bucks! ;-)

I think we need a warning label for this thread:'"View at your own risk!"

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By michi
Saw this on eBay, advertised as "Set of 3 hand made bongo djembe drums"...
Bongo Djembe Drums
DjembeBongo.jpg (86.52 KiB) Viewed 1969 times
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By michi
Another piece of art from Germany. The stone inset into the foot is a lapislazuli.
Lapislazuli djembe
Djembe-Art-Trommeln-DA130.jpg (39.36 KiB) Viewed 1951 times
The gecko carving on the foot is golden. (Not sure whether that's real gold or not.)
Gold carving
Djembe-Art-Trommeln-DA130c.jpg (24.69 KiB) Viewed 1951 times
I can admire this as a piece of art. Not sure I'd want to be seen anywhere playing this drum though, especially when you look at it from the other side:
Rear view
Djembe-Art-Trommeln-DA130a.jpg (41.35 KiB) Viewed 1951 times
There are nowhere near enough verticals to allow for proper tuning.

Now, remove the silly hairy skin and string it up properly with a decent number of loops, and you'd actually have an awesome-looking shell, made of Lenke too!

More focus on quality drum building and less focus on fancy hairy bits would probably help in this case.


By bubudi
hey that one's got something to hang on to, which doubles up as somewhere to stash jamba. the dreads should have gone all the way around imo. it's kinda like the rats tail without the mullet. not the real deal!!!
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