Just for giggles
Michel wrote:Who the hell is MK?
I have come across quite a few people who've been playing for years and said just that. There are lots of players out there who play regularly and go to classes, but don't go and buy recordings or otherwise research the topic. If their teacher doesn't mention Mamady (and many teachers don't), they haven't heard of him. No surprise there, other than that someone can play for quite a long time and not buy any recordings or otherwise learn more about the history and culture of the djembe. (If they did, they would know who Mamady is: it's not possibly to do even a modicum of research without coming across him.)



PS: Please don't reply now and tell me that "MK" stands for "Madou Koné" ;)
Here my reply: expecting that everybody knows what MK is meaning, is also quite strange. It took me a while. And I have a lot of cd's, and did my share of research. Only in another direction. So it wasn't logical for me to know that MK is Mamady Keita. But here on the forum it's supposed to be. Explaining a joke is never funny.