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By sakuntuquaye
Announcement: Hooked On Drums/Chicago Djembe Project in Chicago is selling the majority of our collection of 101 dununs.

Over the past 15 years of offering drumming instruction in Chicago schools and park districts, organizing workshop tours for Famoudou Konate, and sponsoring workshops in Chicago for Billy Konate, Mamady Keita, Mahiri Keita, we've accumulated a massive collection of dununs -- enough to run programs in 4 schools simultaneously at our peak in 2008.

However, we have cut back drastically on our programming and no longer have a studio space . So we need to sell the majority of our drums.

We have dununs from Guinea, Ivory Coast, Mali and Senegal. The Guinea dununs were obtained directly from the Konate family in Guinea, and from Rhythm Traders in Portland, Oregon. We purchased the Ivory Coast drums from an African vendor based in Germany. The Malian and Senegalese drums came from the Malian drum store Djenne Collection here in Chicago and vendors at the annual African Festival Of The Arts. There is even the odd set of Drum Brothers stave-construction dununs.

All of the drums are of very high quality and have been kept in great condition - we're players, not drumsellers, so we only own what we can put to very good use. Many of the drums from Rhythm Traders have very nice carvings and painting. As well, we have many very large dununba drums - great sound and great for an impressive look on stage.

If you are interested in purchasing dununs - individual drums, sets, or multiple sets for an ongoing class or program in a school or institution - please contact:

Jim Banks

…and we can discuss a purchase, prices, photos of the drums, etc.

Please note that three of our sets of Guinea Konate family dununs are with our friends at Bolokelen Percussion in Toronto, and are for sale in Canada. If you're up that way, we can put you in touch with them about a possible purchase.

Also, if you would like to see and hear our drums, please visit our websites and take a look at the photos and videos. These are the drums we're selling:

Thanks for your attention!
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