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I would strongly recommend against balafon wood, unless you are planning to double your muscle mass. Balafon wood is extremely dense and heavy, nearly twice the weight of Melina.

Choice of wood for dunun is much less critical than for djembes. (You can make good-sounding dunun out of PVC pipe.) So, I'd go for Melina or Tweneboa.

Drumskull and Wula will sell you dunun. I'm sure there are plenty of other suppliers if you look around.

michi wrote: So, I'd go for Melina or Tweneboa.

+1 on melina. your back will thank you ;)

I have (more aptly my teacher has) two... maybe three sets for sale. I'll measure em up. are you performing ballet style or traditional?
shoot me a pm or an email. Prices are good as is the quality.


I live in Southern California however i have purchased internationally before so feel free to advise me where I can locate excellent sounding Duns without paying 1300 for them. I know for a fact that most of the Djembe shells that are sold from Africa sell in Africa for about 30 USD per shell no matter the detail. I am Not looking to gouge or take advantage however I want a fair deal.

Thank you for your Help

I'm not upset or angry so please don't read that into this response. I think we have hit upon this before concerning the cost of repairs. Try adding up the cost of all of the individual components to build a set of dunun. Add in the cost of labor, importing or sourcing the materials, overhead if there is a shop, the know-how and experience to do it right, etc. etc. etc. ..... C'mon! People have to make a living and and at least make it worthwhile to produce things for this very niche market. We now know how much you are NOT willing to pay. What do you feel is a "fair deal" ? Seriously, try making a set for yourself and see if you don't have a completely different respect for the crafts people that produce "professional sets of dunun". I have done this myself and have to say, nobody is getting rich off of us djembe and dunun players. You might want to have a look at the offerings from I can't vouch for the sound but they do seem like a fair price.
Thank you both for the comment as I stated before simply looking for a fair price. I have had people quote me $2000 dollars to 1300 dollars. I feel like that is gouging. Like your self rhythm house and others have the Duns priced fair and that's all I am seeking. Along with the measurements I am requesting. Thank you and all of those who labor for the love of West African Music I really appreciate the dialog.
When you think about it, an average good-quality djembe will set you back around $500. Trust me, building one dunun is a lot more work than building one djembe. For one, cow skin is harder to work with, and there is the complexity of fitting a skin to two ends, while keeping the rings or stitching parallel to the bearing edge. It takes a lot of time to get this right, and material costs for dunun are considerably higher as well (more rope, more skin, etc).

$1300 is an entirely reasonable price for a set of dunun. If you can get a set that you like for that, take it!


There are now some African based online companies.

Here is something to consider. ... lafon.html

350e or approx 460d... But adding the cost of transport to the US??

It would really depend on what the guy is buying at plus transport.

While I agree with everyone that making dununs is a serious job, if you don't have skin restrictions like Australia why wouldn't you just let some guy in Africa do it.. Personally I would charge what seems a fortune to reskin dununs, but would probably in reality pay me minimum wage at best.

Fair play to RHD producing drums at that price, very much doubt they are listed in forbes though.
RHD makes his own dunun shells here, of American walnut.

No slam on him at all - I'm sure they sound great. but if you want the traditional wood(s), the prices is going to be higher. In fact... his "ballet set" is 1,350.00. He asks that people call for a price on an African set, which he can get but does not stock regularly, per the text on his site.
Hey Dee. or anyone else. My friend and teacher has several instuments for sale including two sets of dunnun. here is a video of one set being played ballet style for an quick example.
Melina? dunnun
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