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Hi Guys,

Eike at djembe-webshop has got 10 djembes and five bougarabous in stock which he would like to sell together.

He Says:
The drums are second quality wich means, that they can have small concerns like a unfixed crack, spots on the surface due to transportation and storage etc. It is not a must!

Single price for each drum is 139 EUR if you buy all. For export to third countries or peolpe within the EU with a valid VAT ID it will be at least 116.81 EUR per drum. Shipping is not included.

Djembes are made of Lenke, Gbeng, Iroko and Melina. Bougarabous are mainly out of Gbeng and one is made of Mahogany.

Have a look here:



If there are any question, fell free to contact me.

Thank you for your attention.