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By Rhythm House Drums
Hi guys, I've got a shipment of Mali djembes coming in a few weeks. About 20 drums and lots of skins and accessories like sege sege, krin, and dunun bells.

I've got more drums coming in than I have room for, so I'm looking for some pre-sales to help me move them quick. These drums are a great price at 450.00 which is what I'll be selling them at. I'm offering first pick to first ordered at 395.00 with a limit of 5 drums. Once they're in I'll get photos on the site and they'll be priced normal. So.. you get to pick from 20 drums at a killer price! I've requested that these shells have larger bowls and be between 13.5 and 14" diameter. I've got a few special "blanks" coming in, super thick and no decoration that I plan on adding my creative touch to. I've got Lenke, Khadi, and Djalla shells on their way.

Let me know if interested. I'll send out photos once the drums are in (scheduled for mid June) and first ordered gets first pick.

Here is a photo I put together of some of the shells in my last shipment.

I've also got lots of medium to super thick skins from Mali coming in. If you are wanting to stock up on fresh skins, let me know... I'll surely be discounting them as well once the shipment is here.

Check out my blog at in the meantime. I'll be sure and post updates and photos to the blog when things come in.
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By Dugafola
let me know if you get anything in excess of 15" outer diameter.
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By Rhythm House Drums
Dugafola, I'm not sure I will have any that size. I usually request shells between 13.5 and 14. But I'll let you know. I'm getting a few thick shells that are only rough carved, and I asked for them to be extra large so I can finish / decorate them.. so maybe nearing 15". I'll know more in a few weeks.