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By sfdjembeman
That's a wonderful and unusual drum. It's a drum of the Lozi people found in Zambia and Namibia. I would not sell it for any less than $350, I think it would be almost impossible to buy a drum like that unless someone went there (as your dad did and brought it back). In Zambia there are almost 100 different languages spoken and and many types of music and musical instruments. I wanted to import drums from the area but could not do that on a commercial basis because of the prevalence of foot and mouth disease.

You can see a photo here, click on the photo for more info ... mithsonian
By Morlock
wow... well if you had this drum, and were selling it to a customer with no emotional ties to you or family, how much would you charge?
By sfdjembeman
To be honest that's a really good and difficult question .... I think part of it is how much it is worth to you. And of course how much the person wants the drum. Normally in business one calculates ones costs and goes from there. I don't think anyone in the US can import commercially from the central African area on a regular basis. I think even Congolese Ngoma drums are hard to get and most drums (shells) of that type are now made elsewhere in Africa, such as Ghana or perhaps Mali ... your drum is an authentic drum made by an artisan in a village in Namibia .. that's rare. I was very keen on importing drums from Zambia/Zimbabwe and at one point I was looking to import 'commercially' made Ngoma type drums from the factory started under the inspiration of ethnomusicologist Hugh Tracey. AMI (African Musical Instruments) in South Africa makes wonderful instruments including great Kalimba/Karimba, but the cost of the drums and shipping would have been too expensive. You can see here a large Ngoma type drum being sold there for about $350 US and that is a 'commercially' made drum. ... &Itemid=56

The bottom line is for a musician, collector or ethnomusicologist I think it would be worth $350 - $450. If the person is just a casual buyer he may not want to spend that much. Sorry I could not be of more help.

By Morlock
As a rule, anytime a person offers life experience in conjunction with links for further study, the are ALWAYS being a big help. Thank you fr the info.