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By tjamesd
Hi all this is my first post

I bought a djembe yesterday and love it!

It is cheap, 40cm high with a 20cm surface, and not very good,
So i am now looking to get a better one,

What should I look for when buying a djembe?
I want a big one, with a deep tone
and anyone know where to look, im from Melbourne, Australia

Thanks guys
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By michi
Hi Tim,

welcome to the forum. If you are in Melbourne, I suggest to see Simon Fraser at 252 St Kilda Rd in Fitzroy. He's got a huge selection of djembes, everything from cheap Bali imports to the real deal from Mali, Ivory Coast, Burkina, and Guinea. He also runs drum classes and is an excellent teacher.

I would suggest to go and take a bunch of classes before buying a drum. That'll not only be good for your drumming, it will also give you a chance to hear different kinds of djembes, so you'll learn about the different sound characteristics depending on shape and skin. After a while, you'll learn what sound you prefer and you'll be able to pick a drum that gives you that sound.

Say hello to Simon for me too, please!


By EvanP
I second the recommendation for Simon. He's a great guy and a great drummer. He can also hook you up with lessons as Michi recommends.

P.S. Tell him the Professor sends his regards!