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By drtom
I have a good music collection, the greater part being world music. I love the ethnic, cultural stuff that gets little recognition and you'll never hear on your car radio.

Recently, a fella belonging to a Scottish pipe band bought a djembe from me I'd built. Normally, a Scottish pipe band uses snare, bass, and tenor drums, but Jeff introduced his new djembe into the band.

Turn it up and enjoy:
By cobra
That's pretty cool. It's neat how he's incorporated the djembe into Scottish music. Kind of unexpected, but it works.
the kid wrote:I would turn it up if it wasn't dirt.
Seems harsh to me. I could understand not liking it, but why go out of your way to insult? How does this contribute?
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By the kid
Sorry, I was expressing my distaste for that music. Ok I don't dig Bag pipes, prefer Uilleann pipes any day, but also didn't like the djembe mixed with it and to add to that not proper playing at all . I should be like, don't say it ,if it's a negative so to encourage positive discourse, but I flunked at that.

Here is some more dirty Bagpipes from a true Scot, lol. Hope the crap djembe player who was in my band and also used to be on this forum doesn't mind me posting. He is now a shit hot player anyways. lol. He'd woop me anyways.

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By drtom
the kid wrote:Here is some more dirty Bagpipes from a true Scot, lol.
I like that! Notice that this was completely spontaneous and unrehearsed. The performances I posted were also unrehearsed, though not unplanned.

I used to not be crazy about bagpipes either, but I do believe pipers have vastly improved their chops. In the second video I posted, the piper throws in some nifty licks. I included the first video because of the dancers - I like dance.

Jeff is new to djembe, so it's not really fair to take jabs at him. Besides, he's there as support for the pipers, not to show off himself.

Though some of you might like seeing the djembe exploring its infinite possibilities.