Post links to uploaded videos or you tube and lets discuss them.
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By djembefeeling
Interesting. i stumbled upon the same video for the kora. How are you doing, kid. Are you still into djembe playing?
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By Michel
The drummer is Alhassane dartagnan Camara.... Not the least. Great band, Ba Cissoko.
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By the kid
Djembe feeling, I'm doin good. Playing djembe not so seriously but still play every day.

Regarding Ba's performance, most of the tunes can be found on the album Nimissa. It's well good.
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By the kid

Ba's new Kora player ripping it. To me that is pretty awesome playing. Using a bit of wah, but definitely pushing the instrument and driving the band. Must be some distortion there too and some feedback or is that unintentional but still used as extreme effect at end of the Kora solos due to the volume he's getting out of it. It is another example of the continuing evolution of African instruments anyways. Plugging them in is giving players more freedom of expression. Kind of like using djembe projection capabilities on kora and the way you can crunch them soundwaves. Also some djembe and krin here. Me likes, aint holding back anyways, like a crazy jam really. Much different set up than on Ba's albums and past concerts. It must jazz.

3 Hour set from the Russia. Nice to hear the Tama/talking drum coming through in the mix too. It took me a while to dig this set, i was like it sounds not as tight as some of the other performances on the net but as it goes on i realize it is the bomb and some interesting elements in there, with a nice free flow feel. Fecking Jazzy too, at least with proper musicians of african training, Jazzy sounds good. Not abstract at all.

Having the extra good Kora player adds so much too. The guy is some player. Like around the 23 minute he or the guitarist is bringing in some cool electronic bubbly-like effects, the kora solo from there is sweet. It's been accented by the drummer but the crowd really just liven up when this guy solos. The bass is is all over some weird bluesy/funk scales too.

Great musicians ultimately. Great set.