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By Gumbe_2013
I like to unterstand the rhythm in this video (7:13 min):

[video] ... freload=10[/video]

One guy in the video said it is "Sofa" but i think the right name is "Sofa Salikenebo".

You can also find it on Famoudous CD "Hamana Mandenkönö"

What do you think about the arrangement? Is it correct?
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By djembefeeling
seems to be o.k. as far as I could see from a glimpse. Never heard of a "Sofa Salikenebo" as a traditional rhythm. My guess is it is a creation of FK. It is very similar to Fefo, again, as is his creation Lolo.
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By tanamasi
Actually, Famoudou himself says it is sofa so it is not just the translator. Famoudou does not add any second part to the name, just sofa. He relates the rhythm to war and to horses, which is exactly what Mamady does in his book, when explaining the origin and mentioning that Famoudou had seen Sofa being played with the horses. :) So... maybe it is a modified sofa.