Discuss traditional west african dancing
By neuroanimal
Le't speak about vocalization of the rhythms. This is what I mean by "oral drumming" :giggle:

I'm sure you are using various techniques of vocalizing musical patterns, or even existing words/phrases from your native tongue or from some African languages. But you know, West-African instructors of music or dance are using rhythm vocalization day by day, it's their routine. So they must know pieces of music perfectly to use them naturally. Let's try to be like them, use vocalization in every day life. When you make steps on the streets, when you prepare some food, when you take shower, or when you are sleeping :rofl:

For inspiration I want to show us some examples. This is a vocalization for dancers related to the Laamb martial art and to Sabar dancing styles. They are called Simb, lions of Senegal.