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By dleufer
Here's a video I took of a special chauffe dance for Gbada. This dance is usually done when the dununba goes "on-beat". The djembe plays a kind of oosoosoosooss..ssss.oo.. pattern. The last part says "Fadama Dja Gbedeng" which supposedly means "The young girls of Fadama are ripe!". Gbedeng means ripe so "lemunung gbedeng" means "ripe orange". "Dja" (one syllable) means young female cow. This is not the same as "Diya" (two syllables) which is apparently the correct name for the rhythm we usually call "Dja". If any of this is incorrect I'm sure my namesake will intervene with the corrections!

By iamkatia
I totally love this!

I counted 14 different dununba variations on your 13+ min Gbada on soundcloud, 11 of which occurred in the first 2 minutes. Do you have any other video's that show specific Gbada moves that correspond to the different variations? I'm assuming the dancers go into the moves and the dununfola follows? or does it work both ways?

Thank you! You're such a goldmine.