Discuss traditional west african dancing
i think shimone means singing and dancing simultaneously. speaking from my own experience, first get to know your dance routine. if you have to think hard to remember the next step, you won't be able to sing as well. you also need to get the song down pat, otherwise when you're racking your brain for the next line of malinke lyrics, you'll lose your step! by the way, please ask questions in the relevant forum. i moved this here from the introduction forum.
I'm new in this forum, but I want to share with you my experience.

I have participated in some singing & dancing workshops (Facinet Andy Camara, Ele Camara, Mohammed Dabo, Mohammed Kouyate), so I can tell you how it was looking like.

First you have hard warm up of the body. Next is the repetition of previous lesson. And finally comes new lesson, then hard practice on the material. During both repetition and learning new material, firstly you sing a song (you learn it listening to instructor's voice and expression, and repeating all together from him, and he fix your mistakes; it can be also call/response relation; it is good to note the song on a paper as you heard it and verify sung text with instructor), then you receive a signal to dance, and you are watching and imitating instructor's moves. When heating (échauffement), break or new signal occures, you are reacting as your instructor.

During singing some instructors for some rhythms/compositions are making easy dancing moves (simultaneously), and in such situation you are doing the same. It is harder to sing and play instruments together, than to sing, clap in hands, and make some easy moves only. It is even harder if you are singing, playing music and dancing simultaneously, but everyone can learn it.

I hope this will be helpful for you.