Discuss traditional west african dancing
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By Dugafola
Some traditional movements but a majority of them are ballet steps.

my .02
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By Dugafola
James wrote:Just wondering.

Do you say that because you know the dances or because there's something inherently ballet looking about certain steps...
both. there are a lot of steps/combos he throws out there. you'd never see anyone in the village do steps like that. you'll see some of the same movements though. he even does some of the rest steps that dancers do when they're off to the side when someone else is soloing. plus all those breaks with the duns are ballet, one of them is similar to the Makru break leading out of yankadi.

the guy is a great dancer though.

nice vid.
By bubudi
i like this guy. here's the next installment, this time on djole, complete with song and cultural information.

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By Kabum
His name is Abdoulaye Camara (as you can see on the video eheheh), he is the founder of the Alla Tantou Dance Company and used to be a student of Moustapha Bangoura. From all the workshops he gave, which i have seen and participated, the coreographies always have a very strong ballet flair. And not only is he a great teacher, but he is also a great cook :D . I feel very happy for the fact that i have crossed paths with him, I hope you do to!! If i am not mistaken, he spends a coumple of months in the US, from March until October. Check his website for more info: http://allatantoudance.se/