Discuss traditional west african dancing
By bubudi
looks like an interesting documentary with some good feature segments, including:
* Incantation, Compagnie Danse Nyata-Nyata, Canada/Congo
* Le Coq Est Mort, Compagnie Jant-Bi, Germany/Senegal
* Phokwane, Mpheyane, Vincent Mantsoe, South Africa
* Figninto, Compagnie Cie Salia ni Seydo, Burkina Faso
* Heritage, Compagnie Sylvain Zabli, Ivory Coast
* Uma Historia Da Duvida, Compagnie Clara Andermatt, Cape Verde/Portugal
* Dimi, Compangnie TcheTche, Ivory Coast
* Pour Antigone, Comagnie Mathilde Monnier, France/Burkina Faso/Mali

can be purchased on dvd for $40 or downloaded for $16 at http://www.der.org/films/african-dance.html
This documentary explores African contemporary dance through eight modern dance companies from Africa, Europe and Canada that participated in the Festival International de Nouvelle Danse in Montreal, Canada in 1999. Interviews, including those with dance historians Yacouba Konate and Alponse Tierou, add insight to beautifully-photographed performances. What emerges is a fascinating diversity of contemporary African dance themes and styles. Exploring the interactions between tradition and modernism, the consequences of colonization and urbanization, the self-expression of women through dance, and the roles of masculinity and family relationships, the film is a unique source of information and inspiration for dancers, dance historians, choreographers, critics, as well as those interested in African culture, past and present.
Looks very interesting!

When I tried to buy the digital version, I was told buy Amazon that it refuses to do business with Australian customers. When I tried to order the DVD version, I was told that the company does not accept payments from non-US Paypal accounts.

Sigh... :(

I got my copy. That's an awesome DVD. There isn't much in terms of traditional dance there. Instead, it really is contemporary and experimental, and absolutely awesome. Some of the best dancing I've seen. Highly recommended!