Discuss traditional west african dancing
By bubudi
djembefola.com have been keeping you up to date with some of the finest and most interesting west african dance videos on the web. we are currently working on some biographies of the top dancers. so far i am working on: fodeba keita, italo zambo, sekouba camara, mohamed kemoko sano, youssouf koumbassa, moustapha bangoura, alseny soumah, sekou ii conde, hamidou bangoura, fanta kaba, manana cisse, mama adama camara, marietou camara, aminata m'mi toure, sekou sylla, brahima coulibaly, mariamni diarra, djeneba sacko.

anyone else (alive or dead) who needs a special mention?
Marie Basse Wiles
Wilhelmina Taylor
Tenifig ___?
Hassan Kounte
Charles Moore

Not to mention the many master dances and artists who began and sustained the movement in the 1970's-1980's until the fire lit and African dance drumming became an international and living phenomenon
older masters:
Youssouf Koumbassa (Guinea, from Landouma people)
Moustapha Bangoura (Guinea-Conakry, from Soussou/Baga people)
Hamidou Bangoura (Guinea, Les Ballets Africains)
Mohamed Kemoko Sano (Guinea, Les Ballets Africains)
Italo Zambo (Senegal, Les Ballets Africains)
Seguenon Kone (Ivory Coast)

next generations:

-- Guinea-Conakry (Soussou, Maninka, Baga people)

male instructors:
Mohammed Bangoura
Mohammed Kouyaté
Mohammed Dabo
Fodé Bamba Camara
Facinet Andy Camara
Ele Camara

female dancers:
Nana Camara
Kadiatou Dabo

-- Ivory Coast (Gouro, Dan, Yacouba, Senoufo people)

male instructors:
Konan Kouakou David
Louis Pierre Yonsian
Clément Assémian
Gérard Diby
Nahi Landry

West Africa is a huge area. You should not forget about dance masters also from regions like Guinea-Foreste/Ivory Coast/Liberia/Sierra Leone (Mano(n), Kono(n), Toma/Loma, Manian/Konianke, Kissi, Kpelle/Ngere/Guere, Dan/Yacouba, Wabo, Gouro, Senoufo), Mali/Burkina Faso/Niger (Fula, Wodaabe, Hausa, Tuaregs, Dogons), Ghana/Togo/Benin/Nigeria/Cameroon (Ewe, Igbo, Yoruba, Bamileke).
brahima coulibaly and djeneba sacko are the two that immediately come to mind, also brahima's brother karim, but there are many older malian drummers who were masters of dance and many masters who passed away. there are also many quite promising dancers in the bamako ballets who were steeped from childhood in the ballets rather than the old traditions.