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By korman
What do you think about dunun dance in general - a passing fad or legitimate artform?

This video has been making rounds in my country's Facebook community ... 825715518/
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This particular one is from a training workshop, and is more similar to a fitness course than a perfomance. But even when done by professional troupes I still get the feeling that this combination is limiting both to rhythmical possibilities and to choreography. Like in this clip
By the kid
Korman to post the youtube vid you drop the and juts use whats after the = in this case SCPGqx4NtHQ and put that in the youtube box.

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I don't really have an opinion on the topic so much. I never found it so alluring to see the dancers drum but i never seen it live.

I guess with an hour or more performance it adds another element into the music and may have a powerful sound if put together well.

If it is the next Zumba at least it is better than Zumba.
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By Carl
I have to admit that I am not particularly interested in it. though I play for it as regularly as I play for anything these days.

I'd say it is a "legitimate" art-form. I think it is a little young at this stage.
So far I find the dance and music sides both suffer from the combination.

Keep in mind I'm mostly seeing "class" performances, I would imagine stage groups would elevate it quite a bit!

If I was putting together a show, I don't think I would have more than one song dedicated to dunun-dance.