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Hi everyone this is George from Taiwan. I am currently traveling in Vancouver for 3 weeks. If anyone is interested in playing djembe/dunun together, please feel free to contact me!

It'd be better if you have an extra djembe (cuz I am not traveling with my djembe!)

If you are interested, please add my Facebook: Djembe George

Looking forward to making some music together! :D
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By gr3vans
Hey george.

not sure if you can come down to seattle, but next weekend there is a drum and dance conference that will be really good. Wadaba, fana bangoura, Moustapha bangoura, a bunch of folks from vancouver and victoria are coming down other artists from california are coming and students from all over. if you're interested I can send you the details. not 100% sure there are any beds available, but its worth looking into if you want to study.