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By James
Hi guys!
I've been talkig to Bubudi and he has pointed out that he was taught on of these rhythm differently.

The version in the video:
b-- t-s b-- s-- btt tts b-- s--

The version he knows:
b-- t-s b-- -s- btt tts b-- -s-

This corresponds with the WAP pages and also mamady keita's cd, wassolon where tiriba, turns into Abondon.

I am not currently in touch with the person in the video, so I can't ask him about this, but we're ultimately responsible for the content on this site so I'm looking into this...just so you know :)

Anyone else want to chime in and comment?

Thanks for bringing this up Bubudi! :D
By sfdjembeman
I recently attended a workshop with Mamady Keita and one of the rhythms was Abondan .. first accompaniment was taught like the version that bubudi knows ..

b-- t-s b-- -s- btt tts b-- -s-

Second accompaniment is

b-- t-s b-t ttt