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Thanks wonderwebb, it really helps to have a little guidance, speaking as a beginner. This is what I need to look at, although I have just started drumming with a bugarabu. Maybe there is a little different technique involved with one of those.
When practicing linear phrasing i dont understand when to change the tone slap. If we are talking about solo its just tone and slap. My english is bad i will give an example of my question.
Lets say i want to play a kassa solo, beginner one


i notice that when i play it for long, i start missing some slaps so the phrase ends like

SST- TT-B S-S- SS-- It sounds better to me, but without starting with the first one i could never get the right timing. So, i believe that when starting to learn a new solo, lets say a new timing , something that sounds strange to me , the only way to learn it is by starting with linear phrasing and then removing some extra slaps. Even when trying to learn the bell timing, i could never get it if i
didnt count and play 123 123 1234 1234 12
I often use this exercise in my class. It's a brilliant exercise regardless of your level. Although it seems simple it uses the secondary (poly-rhythmic) three pulse so it's a good brain work out as well as a good slap/tone workout.