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By inkdork
I posted in the intro area, but posting here because the word "HELP" heading this section implies I will find answers... LOL. ;)

I got this djembe and now I'm not sure what to do to get started. Its beautiful and sometimes I coax nice sounds out of it, but...

I watched a few short videos on learning how to do a bass and a slap hit, which my right hand gets about 30% of the time (and I think my left hand might actually be a pancake) but I'm not sure what to look for it terms of good online lessons or tutorials, or even DVDs or books.

A few cursory searches of the great wide web don't give me fantastic, obvious results, so I need some guidance here. So, where do I begin? Taking lessons right now is out of the question (I had to cancel my violin lessons for financial reasons) but maybe in the future.
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By michi
Welcome to the forum!

Have a read and search for tutorial and DVD using the search features. There are quite a lot of teaching videos out there, some of them very good. I recommend Mamady's videos, but there are lots of others.


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By korman
Start with getting proper sounds out of the drum. There's a tutorial on this site

Then learn djembe accompaniment parts for some rhythms. For example the rhythms on the levels 1-2 of the Tam Tam Mandingue Djembe Academy curriculum could be a good start: balakulanjan, moribayassa, djole, kuku, soli, soko etc.

If you don't have other people to practice with, load some djmebe music on your phone, get the Djembefola app (iphone only), percussion studio (PC only) or anything else that will allow you to practice by playing along with a music at steady tempo. Metronome is also an option, but play-along is more fun.
By inkdork
Thank you michi and korman. I realized (doh!) I needed to tune it, and most of the time I am getting the right sounds now. My left hand still doesn;t quite have it down, but I'm quite enjoying it so far. I admit I haven't had a chance to really search the site but will explore further and check out the links you gave.

I'm already finding it a very soothing instrument to play after a rough day!