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By Paul
Hi guys, I have a lovely old bougerabou and was wondering how thick a skin it should be. i read various people saying goat, antelope etc.. pretty sure it was calf before. Are we talking calf like you would put on a djembe. I have a calf skin that still has hair.
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By djembefeeling
cow is what I used. I did just recently put skins onto three new bougarabou and the skin was really big, like the stuff you put on a sangban:
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My old bougarabou did sound like crap and it had a thin calf on it like you put on a jenbe. I used my last sangban skin with hair for a reskin and now this bougarabou sounds great!
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By michi
I would recommend cow too. Don't be shy about thick skin for a bugaraboo; thick cow skin gives you lovely warm sound with good pitch distinction between tones and slaps. Be prepared to wear in not just the skin, but your hands too :)