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By strawmanl
Good day, I am writing because i'm in the market for a set of dundun. All over the web and this forum I've found good djembe buying guides and recommendations (from wood to skins), but much less about buying a dundun set. Am I missing a post/guide? If not, what are some of the things that I should be "looking out for"? I am located in NYC and I am not looking for a professional quality set, however, I don't want a set that will be worthless in a few years as I grow in my drumming. Thanks for reading and potentially replying.
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By michi
For dunduns, it seems that things are a lot less critical than for djembes. The choice of wood has far less an effect on the sound than for a djembe. My recommendation would be to go for one of the lower-density woods, such as Melina, to keep the weight down.

The other major point is whether the dunduns hold the head with the traditional stitching method (using a rope ring) or the same way as a djembe (with two steel rings). My personal preference is for steel rings because that makes things cheaper when you need to replace a head. (It's a lot more work to replace a head that's attached using the rope and stitching method.)

Other than that, just look for good quality rope and clean workmanship.

Oh, yes, listening first would be a good idea too ;)


By strawmanl
Thanks Michi, that's helpful. The set I saw yesterday was okay, but I think there's an issue. It looks like the seller didn't properly store them and kenkeni's skin has some mold on it. The other two sounded ok, not amazing to me. I'm probably going to keep searching.