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By James
I'm enthused by Nate's video on myspace. 8)
Check out videos at

Some parts really remind me of taiko.

As a juggler it's really got me thinking about the possibilities of movement in performance. I'm often tossing my kenkeni stick about the place and catcing it behind my back.

I wonder would be it be worth the effort to work on that kind of thing more. Even if I'd doubtless the others will tell me where to go :lol:

Idea's I've had would be to connect lightsources to the stick, like a glowstick so that it creates trails. You could even throw then to each other... :wink:

Then that got me thinking, I wonder if it'd look any good to have lights on a djembeplayer's hand while they were bluring away on a djembe...

What do you think? Besides the fact I have too much time on my hands?

It also raises the question of how far you can push the boundaries of what you're doing.

I play in a group of 8 drummers and 2 dancers. We play traditional rhythms with traditional dances and thinking about this now I feel like I don't want to dilute what we are presenting either. But then being on a stage isn't traditional anyway is it?

So to what extent do you think it's right to adapt what you're doing to your situation, surroundings and aims?