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By the kid
This documentary has been removed from youtube. If you want to see it, I don't know what are the official options but i downloaded it from idope, i'm presuming it's on many torrent sites like pirate bay etc.

I thought it was well interesting. Just watched the second half and it is nice to hear something about Oumou Sangare as i hadn't heard anything about her childhood except that she was a singer from an early age. The documentary is a tad cheesy but whatever it is still a good brief insight into these great artists lives and documenting African culture to a larger audience.

It gives another side to the African bootlegging and tells us why tapes are and were so popular in Africa. I though this was a pretty cool perspective.

There is loads of other stuff in this doc, i need to watch it properly at some stage.
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By Dugafola
thanks kid! i was bummed to see it got yanked.

i have some real in depth interviews with Oumou i can send you if you care to read them.
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By the kid
I checked out the Nigerian bbc documentary in the series and it was pretty awesome. I'm not mad about the style of the show but the performances and insight into some of the legendary artist and music is wicked. I found it pretty funny in parts like the guys with cowboy boots but i was slightly stoned at the time and everything i watched last night had me in stitches laughing.