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By the kid
Make an effort to post something even though there is not so much going on. Create the community you want to be part of.

Don't be a lurker all your life.

Many people use facebook, yet all they want to do is sell you r data to third parties. That is not gonna happen here. This site may not provide you with new customers or job opportunities or whatever but you have a chance to be educated on djembe culture and to educate others.

The guys who run this site have good ethics and have done a labor of love to keep the site alive

There were many good posters over the years, like really intelligent and knowledgeable people and it was really great for some time. Any one who can check the back catalogs of posts can see for them selves and benefit from there posts. There were and are buttheads too and some beavis'es. I miss thos guys lol.

If you find the site of value and worth keeping for the future then try to contribute something small or large to help the guys out. I have never contributed anything but want to and will when means allow it. Have family now and constant things to pay for but i can spare some regular amount and will figure it out and contribute at some time soon. By the looks of it , they are not looking for much to continue the service and probably will even if nobody contributes and i there is no score board of contributors, so if you have contributed i thank you for your effort.

Also note there is no obligation to contribute anything and it has been free for however long it is open and a project by James, with assistance from the mods Bubudi and Michi, among others who I don't know. I just know James personally and he is a good guy. I'm not wanting the site to be better for them but for me. lol. I presume they are established professionals and don't need this site, and are just doing this for the love of djembe and to keep something of value open for the public as in you and me and all who like to check it out sometimes. Everyone would like to gain from their hard work but there is not much to gain really is there if you think about it. It is pretty much thankless work.

Ultimately what made it for me was the decent posters who used to use the site more. As the posters dried up I guess people just got tired of using it and other social media sites grew in popularity and small independent sites like this lost traffic and posters.

It is a shame and I hate those blood sucking bastards lol, Facebook and co, for taking my fun away and making people into robots who want to get likes to fuel their dopamine habits. Well there are plenty of better drugs to explore so go try some of them, and get off your social media crap and get on here.

We all know it is easier to be on there but you are being manipulated by a corporation not for your own good but for theirs. You may find benefit there and fine use it, but spare some time to try kick start this site again. Fuck it how hard is it to make a slight effort to make an independent community of people with a similar interest or contribute some small amount for everyone's benefit.

If someone doesn't like my style and think i hinder the site pm me and I'll ease of and let others fire ahead. Like I wouldn't have sore feelings over that. Not all personalities get on and some are more [spam removed] than others lol. That'd be fine with me, as i have no vested interest in the success of the site although i learnt a lot from it and would like to see new traffic for me to enjoy and learn more. In many ways I'm lazy when it comes to educating myself on djembe and just love it, and enjoy listening to it and the many forms of music from West Africa. It is the best music by far in this world. I should be better and more beneficial to my fellow humans but i find with art, we have all our lives to enjoy it and no need to get too crazy about anything. i leave the technical stuff to others if possible but alas just have to do something if noone else does nothing basically.

I just try to keep myself sane and stay positive about life as there are many hardships we must face and better to be ready fit and happy to enjoy the life we have. Generally if it grows in the ground it is sound. lol

So yea don't lurk too much. Slap your keyboards up some. Post your favourite djembe clips. There is a core of 15-20 who actually check in from time to time and probably much more who check things weekly monthly etc. Just make an effort and maybe that effort will bear fruit. This is a unique site in many ways, so appreciate it and enjoy it.

That is probably enough ranting and whatever.

Take it easy
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By michi
Patreon makes it really easy to contribute a little bit. A dollar or two per month is something that pretty much everyone can afford, I think.

Running the site is a lot of work, especially for James. And, right now, he's paying for the privilege :(

Let's help him out a bit, at least to the point where he isn't losing money.

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By the kid
Thats cool.

How does one go about making a contribution through patreon.

I hope people try to create some traffic too though.