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By the kid
I've been using ubuntu lately and found a handy way to download youtube clips. Put an ss between the www. and the youtube address and a web site is opened where you can simply download the clip to your computer.

ie opens link and options appear to download in whatever resolution you want.

I'm pretty sure it works for windows too. Can also go and convert to mp3.

Any one use this method or have other ways to do it.

Post 24 here in this link is the way i've used. ... tube-video

You can also go to and input youtube address to do the same. Pretty cool way to make a collection of good videos/mp3's from youtube.
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By the kid
This way to download youtube vids does not work with windows at all. I'm sure there are ways to do it, haven't tried.

This method does work for ubuntu a version of linux, which you can simply run from a usb stick with the ubuntu iso file on there. It doesn't effect your windows at all. Explanation of how to write iso file onto a usb is described on the ubuntu forum.

The method i described in previous post works really straight forward in ubuntu.
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By the kid
We'll i think the handy add on's to youtube have been disabled. Subsequently, I started using "4k downloader" to save videos from youtube. You download the app and cut and paste the address in there and it's downloaded in whatever quality you want. I think it can take audio from the clips too. Seems to work fine for.