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By Ryves99
ozlady wrote:
Beerfola wrote:I haven't been too self conscious about owning and playing quality drums. I have been about playing a Remo drum in my first Mamady Keita workshop. We had just finished playing a phrase all together, about 30 people, and when we stopped at the break my Remo drum was still resonating like a gong. Everyone was looking around to see where the Tibetan monk with gong was sitting. Realizing what everyone was looking at, I quickly placed my finger in the center of the head and the ringing stopped. Mamady and everyone in attendance broke out in laughter, much to my chagrin. That is self conscious! I immediately went out and purchased an authentic african djembe and haven't looked back since.
Almost the same thing happened to me with an "Arfrican style" djembe from Indonesia! :rofl:

As the saying goes: Buy in haste, repent in leisure...
By Skijah indigo
This is my solo drum for class right now, its senegal dimba with 6mm rope, Cowskin, one side is thinner and the other is thicker, i play the thicker side ;) I put the head on and i've been trained and interned at Motherland music.
Custom ksinkksink by Robin and (Original Design)
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By kurra
Hi everyone,
I thought I would post an image of my Berkina Faso Djembe as I haven't seen too many on here. It is a 12" djalla shell, skinned with goat, and very heavy. This is my first and only djembe. I thought I would post an image also of the inside, not as grooved as a Guinea shell, but the swirl pattern is still there.

Djalla, Berkina Faso
Inside carving


Nice djembes bob682 and Skijah.

I have really enjoyed looking at all the different drums on here, cheers Kim.
By kurra
Hi malkuthianritual,

Lovely grain in the wood on your main djembe, is it khadi?,

regards, Kim.
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By Dugafola
some new acquisitions this year.

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By Dugafola
more recent work
IMG_5392.JPG (134.73 KiB) Viewed 2475 times
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