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By michi
The German magazine "Der Spiegel" reports that there are now cases in Conakry. With good hygiene, infection risk is small. But, once infected, the mortality rate is around two-thirds. If there are any cases near where your wife is located, I would seriously consider terminating the trip.

Fingers crossed for you and your wife, Duga!

By mgmcgahon
There is a tradition amongst the Mandinka that when a person dies, all the family, friends etc. travel to the home and they touch the body, that and eating bush meat are probably the main ways it can be spread. If you have been to Guinea you will know that hygiene is very basic but taking responsibility for you own safety should come first. There should be no trouble taking care of yourself in Conakry, Duga, I'm sure your wife will be fine.
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By dleufer
Paul wrote:I heard it was something to do with eating bats.. I just came back from Guinea, I ate a lot of those street 'brochettes', god knows what was in them..
I believe that it translates into English as "jungle-rat goujons".
I think a good rule of thumb in West Africa is that if they don't explicitly and proudly advertise what the meat is, it's because it's not the type of meat you want to know you're eating.

But yeah, I'd say that Conakry is safe enough if you're keeping to relatively hygienic places. I hope everything is okay with your wife Duga.
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By gr3vans
#33616 ... so-unusual

A good report from NPR April 1. indicates that eating monkey is also discouraged. one time when a friend of mine was sick he asked for 'big monkey soup'. Not to be confused with the other monkey that was on the corner occasionally, that one was not for medicine. After eating it he got better almost immediately. I have no idea what it was, but i've seen a trend in medical issues that if they are not solved relatively quickly by 'western' methods the 'traditional' medicine is integrated.

anyhow. WHO is suggesting that containment is not far out, though they do not offer anything more specific than a 'short amount of time'.

Best to all who are concerned about friends and families.
By bubudi
i'd say stay out of guinea's forest region for now. it has spread to liberia and sierra leone.

while bats are considered the source of ebola, any bush meat is a potential carrier. also, there are people travelling across the borders and from the cities to the provinces all the time, so take extra hygiene precautions. people touch something that an infected person touched and then touch other things... always wash your hands thoroughly with soap before eating and at any opportunity. you don't take chances when it comes to ebola. it is thought that both known and suspected cases are much underreported and played down by the governments.
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By djembefeeling
the number of reported cases and deaths soared again during the last week. Sierra Leone now has the most reported cases, but those in Guinea also soared. This epidemic not only brings suffering and death to many families, it also has serious effects on the already shaky economy of these countries. Senegal closed it's borders to Guinea: ... a_outbreak

also interesting: ... st-africa/
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