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Violence breaks out in Guinea - Page 2 - Djembefola - Djembe Forum

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By e2c
bubudi, I understand your skepticism, but I'd also be inclined to trust what both Famoudou and Helen are saying with regard to whatever happens. I seriously doubt Helen would want to send a bunch of US nationals into a dangerous situation, or that FK would want people coming to Guinea when/if it's dangerous. Helen is FK's US booking agent and is probably as on top of things as Tom and Michael at Wula...

fwiw, anyway.
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By the kid
It's really shocking that 150 people were killed in a couple of days. And the truth is that nobody can tell whats its going to be like in January.

For anybody planning a trip to Africa for drumming, you want to limit the risk of anything happening to you or your group.

If it was me i'd cancel the course in guinea and look to burkino and or mali.
By Paul
That vid wouldnt come up man, something about copyright in your country..
Anyway amnesty report states public rapings... Things are not just going to get better..
If there is violance there will be no drumming as it will bring attention to you.. I have had trouble with police in Gambia, which is supposedly peaceful.. Brazen under paid military, while its unlikely they would kill some tourist, they might supplement their income by robbing them..

I was in a Cafe in Bobo last year when the military came in after the riots and spoke about who and how they beat and shot people, all over a cold beer and a great laugh.. I wouldnt be a great supporter of military or police anywhere but it really seems like a main reason to join up in Africa is to bash heads..

I think it is irresponsible to be bringing people to Conakry at this time.. Nobody least of all djembe teachers have some special insight into this..
By bubudi
indeed... 157 dead and over 1200 injured... not sure how many raped.
"They were raping women publicly," said opposition activist Mouctar Diallo in an interview with French radio station RFI. "Soldiers were shooting everywhere and I saw people fall. They were live bullets," Diallo added.

"Women were stripped naked. The soldiers were putting their rifles in the vaginas of these women ... I saw this myself."
there were reports that after inserting their rifles inside the women, they pulled the trigger on any woman who did not immediately proclaim support of interim leader moussa camara.

the rapes began at the stadium, then continued in the army barracks, police posts and in the suburbs of conakry, according to mamadi kaba, head of the guinean branch of the african encounter for the defence of human rights.

this behaviour continues in the suburbs, carried out by the military, he said. 'even if there's nobody on the street, they shoot in the air, loot shops and beat people up'.

as the footage in the video above shows, those who tried to flee the shooting were beaten with bayonets by the military guards. eyewitnesses also said that some were stabbed with knives.

the military also looted shops and homes. opposition leader sidya toure, who was arrested, returned home to find his home completely looted.

many protesters are still in custody, including women, and are probably still being subjected to violent mistreatment.

there were 50,000 people at the protest which was sparked by moussa camara's inference that he would be running for presidency in the january 31 election. the relative peace in guinea in the past year has been due to his promise that neither he nor his deputies would become candidates in the election. initially the president also promised an election within 60 days of taking power in the coup last christmas.

moussa camara stated that should there be any further protests, the bloodshed will continue.

clearly it's open slather for the military right now. actually, they have always enjoyed being able to do what they like with civilians but they are taking things a lot further now.

the people are incensed over the president's decision to break his promise and run for the election. do you really think that things are going to cool down before the election? do you expect the election to be fair? do you expect the people of guinea will calmly accept a rigged election?
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By rachelnguyen
What a terrible situation.

If it were me, I would cancel my flights and make other plans for sure. Mali is very stable and safe, of that I can attest. The president there was democratically elected and is well liked. The only danger I heard about while I was there was kidnappings on the border with Niger. Around Bamako it was safe.

I am praying for Guinea tonight.

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By dleufer
I just thought I'd let you guys know that I spoke to Helen Bond (who organizes Famoudou's course) about my ocncerns and she offered to extend the refund date until the week before the ocurse starts. That means that if any of us want to pull out up until a week beforehand we will get all of our money refunded minus processing fees.
I'm sure you'll agree that is very cool. I've been thoroughly impressed by the organization of Famoudou's course and especially by how helpful and informative Helen has been.
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By bops
All I can say is best of luck.

I know Helen and respect her, as well as Famoudou of course, and I'm sure they wouldn't intentionally steer you wrong. However, I would reiterate that right now is not a good time to visit Guinea. I wish I could say that things will improve in the coming months. Sadly, I do not think that this is the case.

FWIW, a Guinean friend of mine recently canceled his trip for this winter.

"It seems now that we can't work with Mr. Camara and that there must be international intervention," French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner told RTL radio, Le Figaro newspaper and LCI television in a joint interview that aired Sunday.

Kouchner also said he believes the chances of warfare are "tremendous" among different political groups in Guinea.
http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20091005/ap_ ... /af_guinea
By Paul
Thanks for all the info so far.. I am looking over the possiblity of bringing it into my thesis.. Perhaps a comparison of the fates of French aligned (CFA) and non aligned members since independance. e.g. Senegal V's Guinea.. Any reading recommendations would be appreciated.
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By rachelnguyen
The Drum Connection in Boston is planning a trip to Guinea in November. I wonder if they are still doing it? I am going to see them next weekend at the Billy Konate workshops. I'd be interested to hear what they are planning to do.
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